Redneck Fest FAQ?

What the hell is a redneck fest? A mud covered celebration of your redneckism combined with the study of aerodynamics and nutrition. AKA – Runin’ trucks in the mud with occasional breaks for BEER-PONG and FOOD!

Who are you and why the hell do you have a web page? I am redneck, hear me roar!!! No really I’m just a hightech redneck who wanted to let the world know what we do “on the hill”.

What can I do on your page? Um… look and learn. Check out the galleries. There are tons of photos showing what we do best. *mud*. What you’ll find here is info on parties in the past and in the future. *beer*

This looks like fun can I come? If you can make to one of these I STRONGLY recomend it. Be sure to visit the event page. If your not 21 laugh at the pictures and then take a hike we’ve got no room for you here. Check out the pictures and then drop us a line.